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EMbeDS members integrate Statistics, Computer Science, and Economics to improve the accuracy and reliability of heterogeneous agent models describing complex economic dynamics.

Data pubblicazione: 27.06.2022
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EMbeDS members Andrea Vandin, Daniele Giachini, Francesco Lamperti and Francesca Chiaromonte just published an article titled  "Automated and distributed statistical analysis of economic agent-based models" in the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. The article presents approaches to automate the analysis of complex, agent-based economic models, making it both more efficient and more reliable. This work fully adheres to the spirit and mission of  EMbeDS, as it has been co-authored by economists, statisticians and computer scientists, and concerns the application of statistical and computational techniques to economic models (and more generally to models from the social sciences).

According to the authors, the results in this article are a first step in a broader line of research that aims to render model building simpler and more transparent, and the analysis and parameterization of models more robust, efficient and reliable. Such line of research may have an important impact, as its can help shape models and analyses used by policy-makers to make decisions that affect individuals and societies.

The publication will be temporarily available for free at the publisher's site; take advantage of this link asap!