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SSSA evaluates biopesticide dossiers

Data pubblicazione: 04.07.2016
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ENDURE partner Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa (SSSA) has been appointed by the Italian Ministry of Health (MinSal) as one of the research institutes responsible for the scientific evaluation of dossiers relating to the registration, re-registration and renewal of authorisations for biopesticides. Professor Paolo Bàrberi (pictured right) is the scientist responsible for this agreement.

Specifically, SSSA is leading a group of national experts whose task is to review the applications coming from companies interested in trading biopesticides in the European Union, based on scientific evidence on their agronomic effect and their potential risks to humans and the environment. Indications on labelling and on Good Agricultural Practices are also part of SSSA’s mandate.

SSSA is mainly involved in the evaluation of semiochemicals (for example, mating disruptors) and microbial products and is conducting this task on behalf of the EU Southern Zone covering Italy, France, Spain and Greece. The remarks from the expert group are sent to the competent authorities of the four Member States as well as to the applicants in order to receive comments, which are eventually incorporated in the final scientific opinion.

In 2015, the expert group led by SSSA completed the review of 44 biopesticide applications. Due to the increasing importance of biopesticides for Integrated Pest Management in the EU, the number of applications to be handled in 2016 is expected to increase.