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Data pubblicazione: 07.02.2022
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The LiderLab  of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and EMbeDS are seeking applications from candidates who can make outstanding contributions to the development and the experimentation of an innovative platform for inquiring and interpretating legal documents across natural language processing techniques based on deep learning models.


Research title: ‘’Development of applications for a semantic analysis and neural search engines for the inquiry and interpretation of legal deeds and documents.’’

Research description: The research aims to support the development and the experimentation of an innovative platform, for the inquiry and the interpretation of legal documents across natural language processing techniques based on deep learning models.

Most particularly the candidate will deal with the development, both back-end and front-end, of  Neural Language based Models applications trained on legal reference corpora for the extraction of relevant information.

Such applications will specialize in the Italian legal domain in order to solve different tasks, such as for example the text classification, text summarization, the Question/Answering, the named entity recognition and semantic relations.

During his/her research period, the candidate will deal with and study in deep the state of the art of the neural models for the processing and comprehending the natural language; he / she will take care of the training of Transformer-based Neural Language Models; he/she will apply to various semantic tasks for the development of applications that will be integrated into a document management system of the Predictive Justice project.

The candidate will work in a highly motived interdisciplinary team (academics, judges, lawyers, startup entrepreneurs), contributing to the development of automated tools for text classification, named entity recognition, anonymization and explainable machine learning in the legal sector.

Successful candidates will have experience in statistics, natural language processing, text mining and machine learning lifecycle management.  Knowledge of the Italian language is not required, but the ability to communicate in English is mandatory.

Required skills and qualifications:

  • Background in the domain of natural language processing (NLP)

CONTACT PERSON: Interested individuals should send inquiries to, including a cover letter motivating their interest and a CV(3-page maximum) 

Disclaimer: this is not yet a job vacancy advertisement. Based on the expressions of interest, the Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies will determine whether or not to offer positions, their number, and the type of selection procedure