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Postdoctoral Associate at the Institute of Plant Science, Group of Agroecology


  • Agroecology
  • Plant-plant interaction
  • Weed ecology and management
  • Plant physiology


Contacts information:


Office’s AddressVia Francesco Crispi, Pisa (PI), 56125, Italy

Phone        : (+39) 366 4141 211

WeChat ID: wxid_m53d6oqyt7xy22


I am interested in identifying new agroecological practices to reduce the application of pesticides and intensive soil tillage, increasing biodiversity, ecosystem services, soil health, and water availability to crops.

My research focuses on understanding the ecological and biological interactions between crops, weed communities, and the other biotic/abiotic components of the agroecosystem through a multidisciplinary approach.

One of my principal interests is to study lower-impact or Neutral Weed Communities that can coexist with crops without significantly reducing their yield and quality compared to weed-free conditions.

My research is also focused on understanding how to manipulate the composition of weed species to result in less or non-detrimental weed communities using new technologies such as artificial intelligence, weeder robots, and RNAi.


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