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Management of Innovation and Common Good - edizione 22-23


Deadline for Registration - EXTENDED

February 6th, 2023


February 27th-March 3rd, 2023

Learning objectives

This Seasonal School addresses some of the main issues regarding innovation management and knowledge exchange (including technology transfer) with a broad vision which includes sustainability and health management. The specific approach of this Seasonal School (1) aims at arousing the interest of participants from different scientific disciplines and (2) focuses on the goal of contributing to the common good (at the level of universities, companies, territories). The theories and tools for managing innovation will be presented and discussed not so much with the objective of creating competitive advantage, but as a support to the ability to launch new initiatives of various kinds aimed at creating value for the society as a whole, especially in coherence with the need to rethink the current capitalism system. Emphasis will be given to the role of purposedriven organizations, their capacity to trigger architectural innovation to address societal problems, as well as on the emergence of new ways of interacting with social, environmental and cultural contexts. In this regard, some paradigms that are today at the center of the debate on the transformation of the economy which is urgently needed will be presented, such as those of the creation of shared value, integral ecology and civil economy. The role of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals will also be addressed.

Teaching methodologies

The Seasonal School will include lectures by professors as well as presentations by entrepreneurs and other people and organizations active with different types of profit and non-profit initiatives aimed at contributing to the common good. Students will be also asked to contribute not only with questions but also with short presentations about specific issues as well as their personal experiences.

Who should attend this Seasonal School?

Undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students from different backgrounds interested in acquiring knowledge, competences and experiences in the broad field of innovation and common good.


Prof. Andrea Piccaluga

Key teaching staff

  • Prof. Andrea Piccaluga
  • Prof.ssa Natalia Gusmerotti
  • Prof. Francesco Testa
  • Prof. Nicola Bellini
  • Dott.ssa Sara Barsanti
  • Dott.ssa Valentina Cucino
  • Dott. Gianluca Gionfriddo