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I am Full Professor of Economics at the Institute of Economics, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies.

My research interests include agent-based computational economics; empirics and theory of economic networks; climate change and development economics, and the statistical properties of microeconomic and macroeconomic dynamics.

My papers have been published in: Science, J of Economic Geography, World Development, J of Applied Econometrics, PLoS ONE, J of Economic Dynamics & Control, Nature Scientific Reports, Environmental Research Letters, Physica A, New J of Physics, Physical Review E, J of Economic Behavior & Organization, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Industrial & Corporate Change, Advances in Complex Systems, Frontiers in Human Dynamics, Economies, Global Environmental Change, J of Evolutionary Economics, J of Economic Interaction & CoordinationEuropean Physical J B, Network Science, Regional Studies, Empirical Economics, Knowledge Engineering Review, Applied Network Science, The J of International Trade & Economic Development, J of Artificial Societies and Social Simulations, Applied Economics Letters, Cybernetics and Systems, Economics Bulletin, Eastern European Economics.


Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE); Complex Economic Networks; Climate Change and Development Economics; Statistical Properties of Micro and Macro-Dynamics; Industrial Dynamics.