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Teaching Coordinator Prof. Claudio Passino
Tel:  +39-050-3152216
Course Supervisors Dr. Mattia Glauber
Dr. Marco Solinas
Administrative Secretariat U.O. Alta Formazione
Tel:  +39-050-882645
Scientific and Logistic Secretariat Sig.ra Gianna Eufrate
Cardiothoracic Department Fondazione G. Monasterio, Massa, Italy
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2nd Level Master in Innovation in cardiac surgery: advances in minimally invasive therapeutics

Termine per l'iscrizione
Maximum number of participants: 
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna – Pisa; Fondazione Gabriele Monasterio – Pisa e Massa -
Tuition fees: 
€ 5.000,00
da 12.09.2016 a 28.02.2018
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Training hours: 
Application on line

We inform you that the Master Scientific Committee offers scholarships to European and Non-European citizens to cover partly or totally the tuition fee. Please note that the deadline for registration is June 30, 2016.

The main objective of the Master consists in developing the scientific, technical and cultural background in the different areas involved in the management of patients with heart disease candidate to minimally invasive cardiac surgery, through an interdisciplinary approach. The surgeons attending the Master will receive the key elements in order to assure to their patients the best, less invasive, and up-to-date treatment.

The peculiar structure of the Master - front lessons, stages in the operating theater and contacts with leading biomedical manufacturers - aims to ensure the student the development of theoretical and practical knowledge of all those technical and imaging skills necessary for a proper and up-to-date management of patients undergoing cardiac surgery.



The Master Programme is structured in 5 main areas: Cardiology and Anaestesiology, Cardiac Surgery; Imaging; Health Management. In addition, residential internships in cardiac surgery divisions will be part of the Master course.

The Master program consists of 650 hours divided into the following activities:

- 105 hours of lessons and seminars in classroom;

- 260 hours of e-learning;

- 35 hours of Workshops;

- 250 hours (i.e 7 weeks) of residential surgical training programs in qualified international Institutions.

For this edition the surgical sites are:

1. Cardiothoracic Department, Fondazione G. Monasterio Regione Toscana-CNR Massa , Italy,

2. Cardiac surgery Division, Clinica Sant’Ambrogio, Milan, Italy,

3. Leipzig Heart Center, University of Leipzig, Leipzig Germany,

4. Department of Heart Surgery, Medical University, Innsbruck, Austria,

5. Heart and Vascular Clinic, Bad Neustadt, Germany,

6. Division of Heart and Vascular Surgery, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland,

7. Klinikum Nürnberg Süd, Nurnberg, Germany.

8. Department of Cardiothoracic, Transplantation and Vascular Surgery, Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany.

9. Division of Cardiac Surgery, AKH, Allgemeines Krankenhaus, Wien, Austria

During the Master Course, all students will individually attend at least two different surgical sites, being obliged to spend at least two weeks in the Cardiothoracic Department of the Fondazione G. Monasterio in Massa Italy.

Target Group

Applicants for the Master Course shall be European and Non-European citizens who possess a University degree in Medicine (or an equivalent qualification ) and a Specialization in Cardiac Surgery (or an equivalent qualification). Other University degree qualifications could be accepted under the Scientific Committee assessment.

Students who are enrolled in University programs and expect to gain the specialization degree in Cardiac Surgery within April 30th, 2016 are also eligible.

Teaching Objectives

The Master aims 1. To provide the diagnostic basis and criteria for selection of patients for any kind of minimally invasive and/or hybrid approaches; 2. To give a specific insight into the old and new imaging techniques finalized to their optimal use in the pre-, intra-, and post-operative phases; 3. To illustrate the theory and the practice of the different minimally invasive and hybrid techniques and to demonstrate the need of a coordinated cardiac team work; 4. To show, with the support of biomedical manufacturers, the features of the devices currently employed in minimally invasive cardiac surgery; 5. To give a basis of understanding the health economics process related to innovation.


The Master Course has a duration of 18 months and is organized over periods with distinct training objectives:

a) theoretical and methodological, through traditional lectures and WEB based lessons and discussion of clinical cases;

b) practical, aimed at developing of technical skills, through residential surgical training programs in qualified international Institutions identified by the Master Scientific Committee.

Application Procedure

Applicants shall submit their application on-line

Tuition Fee

Master tuition fee has been fixed to € 5.000,00 and warrants participation to all teaching activities including front lessons, practical internships, access to the e.learning platform for the entire duration of the Master Course, lunches during the lecture weeks at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. Tutoring and assistance for preparation of the project work will be assured to all participants.

Degree Awarded

At the end of the Master Course, those students who have attended at least 90% of the entire teaching program and have passed all the required examinations, attended at least 250 hours of internship and successfully discussed the Project Work will receive from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna a University Master – 2nd level degree.


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