Il 23.05.2017

Sensitivity analysis and auditing

Andrea Saltelli - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and University of Bergen

The Institute of Economics will hold the next meeting of its Seminar Series on Tuesday, May 22, 2017: Andrea Saltelli from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and University of Bergen will give a seminar on "Sensitivity Analysis and Auditing".


The talk will consist of three parts. Part 1: Sensitivity analysis; Why most published sensitivity analysis are wrong; Good practices; A bit of calculus; Why sensitivity analysis helps to anticipate criticism; The case of the Stern Review; The secrets of sensitivity analysis; Part 2: Sensitivity auditing; The seven rules with illustrations; NUSAP; Quantitative story telling against hypocognition & Socially constructed ignorance; Decalogue of the diligent quantifier; Part 3: Ethics of quantification: Absurdities from the world of numbers; Science: is there a crisis? Causes and remedies; Why Quantify? Quantification and trust; Evidence based policy and its opposite; Evidence and power; Evidence as the currency of the lobbies; Evidence and the end of facts.




Il 23.05.2017

Da 14:00

Luogo evento:
Sede centrale - Aula 6
P.zza martiri della libertà, 39
56127 Pisa
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