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Selected publications

Mariagrazia Alabrese

Eloisa Cristiani

Andrea Saba

Antonio Manzoni

  • Manzoni, A., ECOSYSTEM SERVICES IN NATIONAL LAW - Italy, in Lipinska, I. (ed.), Contemporary Challenges of Agri-environmental Law – Comparative Legal Aspects, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Nitra, 2023.
  • Manzoni, A., Mezzacapo, E., “The EU pursue sustainability in the agri-food sector: the tortuous path of the Common Agricultural Policy towards a food system approach” (forthcoming, under review).
  • Manzoni, A., The Food Commons Approach in the EU Agri-food Law - Reframing the Common Agricultural Policy for More Ecological Food Systems in Europe, Springer Nature (LITES Series - Legal Issues in Transdisciplinary Environmental Studies) (forthcoming, under review).
  • Manzoni, A., Alabrese, M., Taramelli, A., Schiavon, E., Cima, V., Pierangeli, F., Tornato, A., “Earth Observation for European agriculture: what path for the new CAP 2023-2027? Normative framework, technical aspects and challenges for the future” (forthcoming).
  • Manzoni, A., Dominguez, P., Sovova, L., et al., “Territories of commons: a trans-European research project to unveil the invisible reality of the commons” (forthcoming).
  • Manzoni, A., Pagot, G., Dalla Torre, C., Lorenzini, S., Liechti, K., Penker, M., Haller, T., Hymas, O., Walters, G., et al. “The Alpine commons between continuity and transformation” (forthcoming).
  • Manzoni, A., Sakali, C., Katsigianni, X., Flores Ribeiro, P., Lomba, A., Fontan Bestilleiro, D., Lana, J.M., Vogiatzakis, I., “A Kaleidoscope of Mediterranean Commons: Long-standing Traditions and Recent Trends in Diverse Legal-Institutional Contexts” (forthcoming).
  • Manzoni, A.; Coli, F., Green revolution e agri-food: la strategia del PNRR tra esigenze europee e nazionali(2021);
  • Manzoni, A.; Giannino, D.The commons: an innovative basis for transnational environmental law in the era of Anthropocene? The case of Latin America(2019);
  • Manzoni, A., Farmland as a “Common”? Two Case Studies Regarding Sustainable Farming in Northern Italy(2019);

Francesca Coli

Enrico Mezzacapo 

  • Lipińska, I. et all,“Contemporary challenges of agri-environmental law” (2023).  Comparative legal aspects. Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra.  
  • Shebesta H, et all, “The future of food law: synopsis article and research agenda”, Rivista di diritto alimentare, 2024.
  • Mezzacapo, E, “Mind the Gap: Assessing Member States' Implementation of Farm to Farm-to-Fork Targets within the 2023-2027 Common Agricultural Policy” – (Publishing process).
  • Mezzacapo, E., Manzoni, A., “The EU pursue sustainability in the agri-food sector: the tortuous path of the Common Agricultural Policy towards a food system approach” (under review).
  • Hannam, I, Mezzacapo, E., IUCN report on Legal and policy instruments on Sustainable Agriculture (under review).

Roberto Talenti