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AgLAW research members

Trade and food security – Climate change and agriculture – Food sustainability - Digital Agriculture and Earth Observation
Agri-environmental Law – Sustainable models of agriculture – Food Law
Agriculture 4.0 – Precision agriculture – Blockchain technology
Sustainable and Alternative Food Systems – EU Common Agricultural Policy – Food commons – Environmental commons
Sustainable Food Systems – One Health – Green Transition – High Quality Regulation
Sustainable Food Systems – Ecological restoration – Agri-food law - EU Common Agricultural Policy
International climate change law - EU climate change law - Regulatory framework on livestock - Post-growth perspective in legal scholarship - Debunking sustainable development.
Food law - Urban Food Policy - Food sovereignty - Food waste - Sustainable Food System
Food politics and ecologies - Biodiversity conservation - New Plants Breeding Techniques - Nature-positive agenda
Agri-food Law - Sustainable Food Systems - Family Farming - Food Security