Wearable Robotics Laboratory

Ageing population affects society welfare sustainability. The ageing of the population is one of the most critical challenges current industrialized societies will have to face in the next years, and threatens the sustainability of our social welfare.
In 40 years from now, nearly 35% of the European population will be older than 60, hence the urgency to provide solutions enabling our ageing society to remain active, creative, productive, and – above all – independent.
Among many diseases, gait disorders and upper-limb impairment are common and often devastating companions of ageing, leading to reductions in quality of life and increased mortality.
Within this framework, the mission of the Wearable Robotics Laboratory is the invention, prototyping and clinical validation of wearable robots (also called exoskeletons or powered orthoses) for assisting, rehabilitating or augmenting human movement.


Principal Investigators:

Prof. Nicola Vitiello    
Phone: 050-883472

Dr. Simona Crea    
Phone: 050-883163