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Talento all’Opera Foundation

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The Il Talento all’Opera Foundation was established on 24 January 2020 by a group of entrepreneurs who, together with the Santa'Anna School of Advanced Studies, intend to endorse a project which unites public and private resources in support of talent and merit.
The Foundation identifies the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies as the ideal partner for the purpose of rising to these challenges, as a sophisticated player in the field of applied research, the training of young people and cultural development, which has from the outset represented a national reference point within the university system for the promotion of merit as a driver for the development of talent.
Il Talento all’Opera is one of the first philanthropic foundations of the third sector, a private not-for-profit organisation characterised by agile and efficient governance for the purpose of ensuring high levels of transparency and results benchmarking, in terms of their impact on society.

The Founder Partners

The Founder Partners include certain entrepreneurs and associations which, despite originating from diverse contexts and experience, have decided to unite in their intent and commitment to give a tangible signal to the challenging task of relaunching the Country system by providing support to merit and talent. On 14 December 2019 they signed the Manifesto whereby the founding principles for a new system agreement were outlined, and on 24 January 2020, they created one of the first philanthropic foundations following the reform of the third sector, which identifies talent as a key driver for the development of the country as the center of its mission.


The President of the Il Talento all’Opera Foundation is Patrizia Alma Pacini. The Board of Governors is composed by: Stefano Bottai, Luigi Doveri, Luca Gori, Alvise Insalaco, Andrea Porcaro D'Ambrosio, Giuseppe Sardu, Gaetano Terrasini. The Rector of Sant'Anna School can participate in the work of the Board of Governors, with an advisory vote.

The Foundation projects

The Il Talento all’Opera Foundation intends to cause a significant shift in approach. The identification of talent and the promotion of merit are not only a matter of public interest but also a challenge of general interest: talent, at all levels and in all its component parts, must be put “to work” in order to leave its mark and make a difference for future generations, to encourage cultural and scientific development and to contribute to the construction of the common good and economic growth.
Companies that have given life to Il Talento all’Opera and those that will become members of the Foundation, strongly believe in a wager: the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, immersed in the unique context of the rich university system that surrounds it, together with the Scuola Normale Superiore, the University of Pisa, the National Research Council and the IMT Lucca, is a place where talent can be put to work and benchmarked based on merit.
The Foundation operates on the basis of three main guidelines. The first is that of providing support to the mission of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, of identifying the best talents in Italian higher education institutions and universities, providing new grants, orientation upon entry to the School and supplementary training programmes open to the best students at Italian and foreign universities.
The second guideline is that of providing support to research: increasing the potential for research on big issues, in respect of which it can aggregate resources originating from private organisations with strong social responsibility.
The third guideline is that of establishing a place within which these challenges can be materially and tangibly realised, creating a new campus where students, researchers and teaching staff can share their experience of training and professional growth in the heart of Pisa.