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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible for planning financial and economic activities and all aspects related to property and personnel, ensuring the economic-financial sustainability of the activities of the School. It holds office fort three years and is composed of six members as follows:

  • the Rector
  • three persons who have no role within the School, chosen by the Academic Senate, upon proposal by the Rector, from among Italian or foreign figures who possess proven competence in the field of management or a high level of professional experience in the fields of science and culture
  • a professor of the School, with the expertise under the above point, elected by professors of the School in accordance with procedures under the General Regulations
  • a student elected as provided in the relevant General Regulations

The Rector acts as the Chair of the Board of Governors by right.


Until June 30, 2022, pending the completion of the procedures for the establishment of statutory bodies according to the new Statute of the School, the composition of the Board of Governors is as follows: