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Board of Ethics

The Board of Ethics is appointed by the art. 13 of the Code of Ethics and carries out analysis, investigation and control activities with regard to the implementation and compliance with the rules contained therein. The Committee verifies and communicates the implementation of the Code also through the tools of social reporting.
The Code of Ethics contains the values in which the School recognizes itself and the fundamental behavioral principles that all those who work within its structures have to follow.
It is convened and chaired by the Confidential Counselor, an external body with assistance, listening, mediation and conciliation functions.

The code of ethics

The Code is divided into three parts: recipients and purposes, rules of conduct, bodies and implementation tools. The issues addressed by the Code are the following:

  1. Power abuse
  2. Sexual abuse and discomfort
  3. Other harmful conduct
  4. Transparency, impartiality and integrity
  5. Nepotism and favoritism
  6. Protection of the name and reputation of the School
  7. Conflict of interest
  8. Student centrality and freedom
  9. Freedom of teaching and research
  10. Protection of intellectual property and enhancement of research products