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Call for application PhD in Emerging Digital Technologies 2024-25

Deadline for application submission: 7th of May, 2024 (12:00 CEST)

Publication of shortlisted candidates invited to the interview within: 31st of May, 2024

Interviews will be held on the following dates:

5th and 7th of June 2024: Curriculum Photonic Technologies

7th of June 2024: Curriculum Perceputal Robotics

10th of June 2024: Curriculum Embedded Systems

Number of positions available

n. 9 positions with scholarship

  • no. 6 funded by Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna on the research topics related to the Ph.D. in EDT curricula and the “Dipartimento di Eccellenza” in Robotics and AI (at least two scholarships will be assigned to each curriculum);
  • no. 1 “Prof. Di Natale” scholarship on one of the following topics:
    • real-time systems;
    • design optimization of embedded systems;
    • software for automotive systems;
  • no. 2 funded by the ERC BREATHE project (Horizon ERC-2022-COG, grant number 101088694) on the following topics:
    • development of a mixed numerical and experimental strategy to verify air-breathing electrical propulsors;
    • development of power control and diagnostics systems for miniaturized air electrical propulsors.


Tel: +39.050.882191