The Third Mission for Sant’Anna School

The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies undertakes to upgrade its ability to produce value for the community, acting as a driving force for social and economic, cultural and technological development, through and beyond research and education.
This means going beyond the aspects of enhancement and transferring knowledge, including not only public engagement and permanent training initiatives, but also the other activities (partnerships, placement, supporting the institutions, communication etc.) which can produce value for the community, by pursuing a close collaboration with research and education.
The spirit in all of these activities is that of enhancing the bi-directional contributions from the School to the stakeholders (institutions, businesses, third sector, students, researchers, citizens) and vice versa. In fact, the ability to create value is closely related to resources (economic, cultural, technological) which are made available by and to the School.
The general strategic reference for the School is represented by the United Nations 2030 Agenda, with its 17 objectives, 169 targets and 240 indicators