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Studying: the university course at the School

Sala lettura della biblioteca Sant'Anna


Scuola Sant'Anna students attend classes and take examinations for their chosen degree course at the University of Pisa (or other partner universities for the second level). In parallel, they follow an integrative and customised course of study at the Scuola Sant'Anna (so-called Ordinary Courses), which is accessed by passing an admission competition. The training includes supplementary internal courses, language courses, research activities, study and training experiences abroad, internships in companies and affiliated institutions. Those who study at the Scuola Sant'Anna must maintain an average of at least 27/30, meet the prescribed deadlines and carry out periodic checks.


 At the end of the course of study, the Scuola Sant'Anna awards the Master's degree, which is equivalent to the title of 2nd Level University Master's Degree.