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Prensilia Srl

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PRENSILIA Srl has long term know-how in developing reliable, robust and durable stand-alone robotic hands. Such knowledge awarded in the years by national and international prizes, of which experimental results have been published in top ranking scientific journals, merges the following fields of expertise: advanced robotics and mechatronics, embedded control, mixed-signal electronic design, micro-mechanical sensors, and precision mechanics.

Besides realizing state-of-art robotic hands, PRENSILIA Srl designs and realized ad-hoc robotics and automation solutions tailored to the customer needs.


Prensilia is currently on the market with:

  • MIA ( a light and robust anthropomorphic end effector with three embedded motors and fingertip sensors, which allow to interact with the environment, to grasp objects, and to regulate the grasping force. Mia is suitable in: flexible manufacturing plants, social and/or humanoid collaborative robots, bio-automation, ergonomics, prosthetics, human-machine interface research, and wherever a gripper with hand-like features may become handy.
  • IH2 Azzurra ( an intrinsic robotic hand with all functional components (5 motors, tactile sensors and control electronics) integrated in the palm and in the underactuated, self-adaptive fingers. Able to perform multiple grasps and sense objects. IH2 is a powerful tool for research, evaluation and clinical experience with humans in real daily living environments on human-machine interfaces (either invasive or non-invasive) and control (EMG, ENG, EEG, sensory feedback systems, etc).

Prensilia also provides consultancy and custom application design for automation, bio-automation, collaborative robotics and industrial manufacturing