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CESUE Srl is a young company founded on January 2013 by placing their activities in keeping with the nonprofit Association Cesue, of which inherits the initials and human capital gained in fifteen years of design, learning experiences, scientific and advice.

The decision to found CESUE Srl and credit it as a Spin-Off of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna is the result of the success with which the initiative group of the European Civic Education of the Advanced Institute of Pisa dedicated to teaching and research in the sciences applied has experienced innovative communication tools and European training under some cutting-edge projects at continental level. Essential ingredient in the success of these projects turned out to be the inclusion and development of artistic products and the creative and management skills of a small cultural association engaged in the development and realization of communicative forms of high aesthetic and civic value, called The Spaesati.


CESUE Srl was founded specifically to provide services to public and private entities, particularly on European issues and global governance.
Among them:

  • Development, production and marketing of innovative services with high technological value within the private and institutional communication;
  • Provision of advanced control tools in the evaluation and monitoring of public policies;
  • Design and implementation of information and communication activities;
  • Assistance to public and private entities in design, implementation, management and reporting of European projects;
  • Production, purchase and sale of educational materials, publications, studies, reports and surveys;
  • Design and re-engineering of virtual logistics platforms for private and public institutions for the management of information and training flows relating to opportunities and risks related to the economic, social, political and European and global legal;
  • Promotion of information activities and counseling on ways and opportunities for the enhancement of productive factors in the EU and internationally;
  • Design and Training for public and private entities for the strategic adjustment to global competitiveness, including through the promotion of certifiable quality protocols;
  • Conducting training activities, even at a distance (FAD), further training, update, qualification and retraining.