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Canapisti Srls

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  • Sector Agrifood & Agritech
  • Foundation year 2017

Canapisti is an innovative company that focuses its business on the research, development and transformation of Cannabis. 
The plants used by the company belong to the varieties registered in the European register of cultivable varieties, it is therefore legal hemp. The properties of hemp are translated into four types of different products: seedlings, microgreen, inflorescences for herbal teas and essential oils.
Each product is optimized through careful varietal and chemical research in order to best enhance its properties. In addition to having the support from the point of view of Research and Development from the Sant'Anna School of Pisa. Canapisti sinks its economic and productive stability from a company now present for years on the Italian and international market: L'Ortofruttifero srl. Production and logistics will in fact be delegated to this company whose experience will guarantee our customers a safe product both in terms of quality, quantity and in terms of delivery guarantee. The company is open to partnerships and is already moving to create solid ones.


The company offers different types of products:

• 10 cm potted seedlings and 14 cm pot of Cannabis sativa var. Carmagnola 0.2% THC, 8% CBD.

• Microgreen or green shoots of hemp with an important nutraceutical content

• dry inflorescences of hemp (Var Carmagnola) for herbal teas

• Essential oils of hemp (Var Carmagnola)

Active partnerships are carried out with public bodies such as the University of Pisa and Professor Luisa Pistelli for the development of essential oils or private bodies such as Royal Tea Packing Srl and Pharmanutra srl.