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SELECTION FOR ONE PROBATIONARY, POSITION OF ASSISTANT PROFESSOR in accordance with art. 24 paragraph 3, letter b) of Italian law 240/2010 - Institute of MANAGEMENT

Call notice date: 20.05.2021 Deadline for application submission: 29.06.2021

he Sant'Anna School by Rectoral Decree no. 277  dated May, 20, 2021, whose notice has been published on Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 42, dated May, 28, 2021, has opened a public selection for the recruitment of one  assistant professor (ricercatore a tempo determinato) with full time position, tenure track probationary, temporary contract (3 years) pursuant to art. 24 paragraph 3 letter B of Italian Law no. 240/2010 at the Institute of Management in the Academic Recruitment Field “Management” (13/B2 - Economia e gestione delle Imprese) – Academic Discipline “Management” (SECS-P/08 - Economia e gestione delle Imprese)

Deadline: June, 29, 2021, at 1 p.m. (Italian Time: GMT+2)

To apply please click here and select the position: "Management"

The list of candidates admitted to the interview, the date, the time and place  will be published in this page on July, 26, 2021. September, 30, 2021, October, 15, 2021. October, 30, 2021

The interview will be on Nevember, 25, from 10 a.m. (Italian time). The list of admitted candidates will be published in this page on October, 29, 2021

The link to join the meeting is:

The admitted  candidates will not receive any personal comunication.


By Rectoral Decree no. 526 date August, 6, 2021 the committee has been appointed.

First meeting

The committee has held the frist meeting on October, 4, 2021,

For further information  +39 050 883.575/258 or  


Tipologia Selezione e Concorsi:
Selezioni per ricercatori a tempo determinato


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