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Sant'Anna School overview.
Questions and answers for prospective students

The Sant'Anna School is an University?

Yes, the Sant'Anna School is a public and free university dedicated to applied sciences and founded on the enhancement of merit and talent. The areas of study and research are divided into two academic classes: the Class of Social Sciences with the fields of Economics, Law and Political Science and the Class of Experimental Sciences with the fields of Agricultural Sciences and Plant Biotechnology, Engineering and Medicine and Surgery.

Which studies can I attend?

The Sant'Anna School offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses that are accessed by competitive examination, in order to ensure the level of excellence that the School pursues at the institutional level:

  • Honor Courses: first and second level undergraduate courses, which integrate and complete the courses of the University of Pisa with a training of excellence and an early start to research. 
  • Master's degrees: courses in agreement with Italian and foreign universities, related to highly specialized training projects, with strong connotations in terms of interdisciplinary, internationalization and innovation.
  • Master's Diplomas and Higher Education: ostgraduate training courses aimed at deepening knowledge in innovative sectors and of particular strategic importance to the industry.
  • PhD Programmes: aimed at university graduates, they are focused on research areas of particular scientific and social relevance.
  • Seasonal Schools: training courses of excellence with a strong interdisciplinary character, focused on the frontier research themes of the School.

What are the advantages of studying at the School?

Studying at Sant'Anna means enriching university studies with an educational pathway of the highest level. In addition, students reside on campus free of charge and the collegial experience they have on a daily basis enriches their training.

How much does it cost to study at the School?

The Sant'Anna School is public and free! There is no enrollment fee, only individual commitment and motivation to complete a path of excellence.
Students of Honor Courses receive a scholarship that includes:

  • accommodation in one of the School's three residential facilities with single or double rooms;
  • food at the School canteen;
  • supplementary didactic contribution;
  • contributions for study and training stays in Italy and abroad (Erasmus, summer schools, internships in research laboratories or public institutions, etc.);
  • funds and facilities for recreational and cultural activities.

What is the connection between training and research?

Sant'Anna's training programs are characterized by a close link with frontier research in the experimental and social sciences.The Sant'Anna School is a research university, where teaching and research constantly go hand in hand.