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Since 1992 he is Research Entomologist at the Laboratory of Life Science Institute in the Scuola S.Anna (PI, Italy). Its research interests are focused on Applied Insect Ecology in olive-grove agroecosistems, Biological and Integrated Control of Pests in olive crops and vegetables, Information and Communication Technology in Integrated Pest Management. Its main research projects are development in Plant Protection and your aims are validation simulation models as well as the bio-ecology, damage assessment and natural enemies of insect pests.

Since 1993 he is Project Responsible and in his research has been funded by competitive grants obtained from the National Science Foundation, Public and Private Institutions.

Since 2000 he is a reviewer for the following journals: Crop Protection; Agriculture and Forest Entomology; Entomological news; Journal of Applied Entomology; Organic Agriculture; Phytoparasitica; Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems; Rivista Italiana di Agrometeorologia

Since 2012 he is Delegate of the Life Science Institute Director in Biological Laboratory (BioLabs)


Applied Insect Ecology, Information and Communication Technology in Integrated Pest Management, Functional Biodiversity in Agroecosystem