The “Robotics & AI” Program stems from the collaboration between The BioRobotics Institute and TeCIP Institute (Communication, Information and Perception Technologies), and is coordinated by prof. Paolo Dario.The aim is to create a new generation of robot able to have an effective and autonomous impact on the society.

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Material Science will allow the design of robots for applications such as land transport, space travel, energy, medicine, agriculture and art.


The Robotic Intelligence is a new type of Artificial Intelligence that develops specific skills and methods for application in robotic systems, aiming to affect industrial production and support activities in daily life. In this context the Robotic Intelligence will be at the same time inside the robot and distributed across connected object systems able to communicate with each other in real time.


Any robotic system, regardless of integrated intelligence, can not be separated from a physical architecture that allow it to adapt to the environment in a responsive and secure way. The program aims to gain mastery of the Material Science for the realization of sensors, actuators, mechanisms and structures that will permit performance higher than those existing.