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Public Engagement

With the term Public Engagement, we describe all initiatives aimed at sharing the results of academic training and research with all those who do not have a direct relationship with the University. his sharing aims to create bonds and relationships that lead to the development of new skills and the acquisition of new ideas.
Public Engagement events include: events of scientific dissemination open to citizenship, communication projects, science education courses aimed at schools 

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APEnet - Network of Universities and Research Institutions for Public Engagement

The Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna is part of APEnet, the Italian Network of Universities and Research Institutions for Public Engagement. The main purpose is to disseminate, promote and enhance the culture and experiences of Public Engagement.
The objectives of APEnet are the following:

contribute to the valorization and evaluation of PE initiatives;
to train and update the staff (research and technical-administrative) of universities and research organizations;
share and promote national and international best practices;
develop a common and shared platform for the promotion, monitoring and evaluation of PE initiatives;
Promote and develop the presence of PE within university programs (degree and doctoral courses);
Promote research on EP issues.