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Pushing the Boundaries of Workplace Automation: Meaningful Work and Human-Robot Interaction

Publication date: 02.05.2022
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The increasing introduction of sophisticated robots in the workplace has long been a debated topic not only in science, technology, and engineering studies but also from an ELSI perspective aiming to ensure that the ethical, legal, social aspects of Robotics are addressed by taking a holistic approach. The workshop stands up as an opportunity to explore and emphasise the Grand Challenges related to the design and development of Robotic Platforms that will achieve complex functionalities in human daily-life scenarios and in professional life. Among the topics that the workshop will investigate: Methodologies using the Human Robot Interaction (HRI) paradigm to analyse Robotics Scenarios and the role of Labour Tasks; Interdisciplinary Methods and Approaches for exploring Robotics Scenarios; Ethical and Societal Aspects of Robotics and Meaningful Work.

Workshop Agenda

Download the agenda with the list of speakers