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We welcome statistician Antonio Parenti

Publication date: 19.12.2021
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Antonio Parenti i has joined EMbeDS as statistician, providing technical support to research on health care systems within the Institute of Management  and the MeS laboratory.

Antonio is a highly motivated analyst, with hands-on experience in statistical analyses for the definition and calculation of indicators in the field of “performance evaluation systems” and the support of related research. He is an expert in the use of software and languages for statistics, data management and visualization -- such as SAS, Python, SQL, PowerBI, Tableau and Adobe Suite, InDesign and Illustrator.

"I have a keen interest in the data science field, because I am passionate about utilizing my statistics and programming expertise to provide research solutions. I specialize in data analytics, data manipulation, visualization and reporting. I enjoy working independently as well as in a team, and I love to learn -- which helps me in the ever-evolving technological landscape of data science".