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Civil Liability and Insurance

Study of personal injury, with emphasis on liquidated damages and establishing liability and damages
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This area of research is comprised of several mainstreams which are interrelated and linked by the necessity to critically analyze the role that civil liability and, in general, private law rules, play as regulatory instruments, for instance in managing risks derived from the technological and scientific progress or in co-determining the interplay between product safety and liability. In our perspective, tort law is analysed in broad perspective, both national and comparative, focusing on its goals and its main interactions with other areas and issues (insurance, risk management and regulation, health law, etc.). One of our main, and most traditional, research line is the one related to personal injury damages compensation, with specific attention paid to qualification and quantification of heads of damages. The other main line of applied research is insurance law, in which the development of insurance products and distribution is so important as the insurability of new risks. The objective is to better understand how insurance markets and products react to social changes and to study possible solutions to the problems of new risks insurability.

Our Research activities currently refer to:

  • medical malpractice, liability insurance and risk management;
  • evolution of sources in Tort and contractual liability (i.e. medical and health liability, liability in workplaces, road accidents, liability in family relationships, liability for violation of privacy regulations, etc.);
  • Analysis of case-law on personal injury damages;
  • Liability and insurance
  • Law of insurance and reinsurance contracts
  • Insurance in welfare systems
  • the impact of technologies on liability, on insurance, on prevention and on rehabilitation paths.