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Health Law

Biolaw, health system law, pharmaceutical law, regulation and competition in industrial sectors, bioethics are among the topics addressed by the research activities of the laboratory
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Relationships between law and health are highly complex, with different stakeholders involved and fundamental values at stake. LIDER-Lab, decided to focus on this area in broad and innovative terms, i.e. not only considering the traditional view of health law as the body of rules and regulations related to providers, payers, vendors of the health care industry and its patients, but also encompassing relevant aspects of bioethics, international law, administrative law, constitutional law, law & economics. Furthermore, LIDER-Lab approach to health law is genuinely a comparative and interdisciplinary one, due to the global nature of both the interests involved and many of the related industries.

Research expertise currently refer to:

  • biolaw
  • health care law
  • pharmaceutical law (with a focus on issues related to biotech drugs, generics-biosimilars medicines, orphan drugs, safety regulation)
  • regulation and competition of industrial sectors and niche markets
  • bioethics
  • health and technology
  • medical liability and insurance