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The Sant'Anna School & STMicroelectronics sign a framework agreement to create an ecosystem of innovation. A wide-ranging collaboration is consolidated: high-tech training, internships in companies, research projects, innovation for companies and spin-off

Publication date: 13.10.2021
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The collaboration between STMicroelectronics and the Sant’Anna School (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa) gathers new impetus, thanks to the signing of a fresh broad-spectrum framework agreement. This foresees multiple shared activities and projects in various engineering areas, including traditional and collaborative robotics, using extremely high efficiency implementation technologies and advanced sensors critical for IoT applications, as well as a collaboration on optical MEMS sensors and actuators.

The new framework agreement also establishes training agreements, new scientific collaborationsresearch and technical-scientific consultancy. There is a strong focus on research, as well as technology transfer and knowledge enhancement for business innovation that will engage both parties jointly to promote the enhancement of knowledge and technologies to establish new reference production benchmarks. This collaboration brings together their respective academic and industrial skills to maximise the impact of research activities and encourage the birth and growth of spin-off companies in sectors of shared interest.

The multidisciplinary nature of every activity of the Sant'Anna School, including the research it carries out in its seven Institutes, will contribute to a holistic approach to collaboration, harmoniously integrating training, research, and strengthening the University’s commitment to its own “Third Mission” activities. This enhances the process of creating an innovation ecosystem of local, national, and international significance that integrates academic researchtraining and industrial innovation to promote economicsocial and cultural development.

Paolo Dario, Vice-Rector for the “Third Mission” of the Sant'Anna School, explains, "This initiative renews and extends the collaboration between our Special University in Pisa and STMicroelectronics concerning research and training, begun in 2007, followed in 2011 by the establishment of a joint laboratory for research and innovation in the fields of bioroboticsintelligent systems and microelectronics”.

“Over time, the collaboration between the Sant'Anna School and STMicroelectronics has also extended to other topics, while robotics, in its various forms, has remained central,” adds Nunzio Abbate, director of the SRA System Lab of STMicroelectronics. “Indeed, STMicroelectronics is a partner and member of the Board of Directors of 'ARTES 4.0' Competence Centre, created by the Sant'Anna School in 2019, with 127 academic, industrial and research centre members”.