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Publication date: 08.10.2019
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Martina Iori joined the Institute of Economics of the Sant’Anna School and EMbeDS as a Research Fellow.

During her previous research experiences, she acquired a strong interdisciplinary background and developed expertise in data science methodologies for applied research in Economics. Her main research interests are in the areas of Economics of Innovation and Knowledge, Science of Science, and Energy Economics. 

Martina received a PhD in Economics from the University of Turin and Collegio Carlo Alberto and was a visiting PhD student at the Department of Network and Data Science of the Central European University (Budapest). During her PhD, she studied interdisciplinarity and novelty in science and technology by combining network science and text-mining techniques with more traditional econometric strategies. She holds an MA in Economics and Complexity (Collegio Carlo Alberto) and an MSc in Theoretical Physics (University of Turin).

What are Martina’s plans for this new chapter of her academic career, in connection with the objectives of EMbeDS?

“I  will apply data science methodologies – such as network science, text mining, and machine learning – to large patent databases, in order to study the evolution of technologies that are at the core of the fourth industrial revolution. To provide an in-depth understanding of the technological trajectories that led to this industrial revolution, I will also focus on analysing the role of economic determinants in the evolution of these technologies.”