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Daniele Licari becomes EMbeDS' Data Engineer

Publication date: 21.10.2019
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Daniele Licari has joined EMbeDS as our Data Engineer, bringing to the team critical skills in IT and data analysis and management.

Daniele worked for 10 years at the Scuola Normale Superiore, tackling challenging problems in computational chemistry.  His activities focused on developing user-friendly tools for data analysis and the integration of machine learning techniques with existing computational models. He also worked on the design and development of the virtual reality center "DREAMS3D"at the Scuola Normale Superiore.

Recently, Daniele obtained a post-graduate Master's degree in Big Data Analytics and Social Mining at the University of Pisa -- building several predictive data pipelines (scraping, munging, modeling, visualization) for various multidisciplinary projects (customers’ analysis, text mining, sentiment analysis, industry 4.0, etc.). Daniele also has a strong interest in AI & Computer Vision for object detection using deep learning models.

 What are Daniele’s plans for this new chapter of his professional career, in connection with the objectives of EMbeDS? “I will manage the EMbeDS high-performance cluster and actively participate in a number of nascent data-intensive research projects of the Department of Excellence which will benefit from the emergence of AI & Big Data technologies.”