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Sant’Anna School offers intensive “Seasonal Schools”: 14 virtual and face to face traditional courses in October 2020 and September 2021 on latest cutting-edge research in photonics, circular economy, and data science in healthcare

Publication date: 25.09.2020
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With the core objective of presenting new approaches in higher education to photonics, circular economy and data science in healthcare, the virtual and in person Seasonal Schools offered at Sant’Anna School  are aimed at giving Italian and international university and PhD students achieving the equivalent Italian scale average score of 27/30, a more intensive learning experience.   

The “Seasonal Schools” offer the opportunity to explore disciplines through focused academic programs and the latest developments within Sant’Anna School’s labs and research centres. 12 out of 14 courses are taught in English therefore students must possess B2 level English language skills to be eligible to attend the “Seasonal Schools. Upon successful completion of the “Seasonal Schools” students will receive a certificate of attendance and a certain amount of credits as determined by the admission committee.

Discount may be applied to the tuition fee depending on household income. Scholarships funded by  the Foundation “Il Talento all’Opera covering  50% of the tuition fee amount will be awarded  to 4 students  achieving highest grades in their course. Students from partner universities are eligible for 10% tuition fee discount. Tuition fees cover the cost of course materials, food and accommodation when studying on campus.   

“Students will explore additional concepts in photonics, circular economy and data science in healthcare – said Rector Sabina Nuti - Sant’Anna School will enhance its mission and contribute to society through the pursuit of education at the highest international levels of excellence along with an extensive range of academic subjects in the Seasonal Schools portfolio. Distinguished scholars from among our wide network of faculty and partners will focus on special topics related to innovative photonics technology, more sustainable circular economy and health data innovation.”

 The “Seasonal School” programs in 2020 are:

  • Photons-@ Photonic Technologies for Sensing Applications, 5 - 16 October, online conference
  • Cesm Circular Economy and Sustainability Management, 19 - 23 October, online conference
  • Issues on China: Innovation, Society and Culture, 9-13 November, online conference
  • Iac InnovACtion in health care: strategies, performance and data management, 16 - 20 November, online conference
  • Insider Innovazioni, sfide, idee per la democrazia rappresentativa, 30 November - 4 December, in-person conference. 

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