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Peace, Social Inclusion and Active Citizenship: Sant'Anna School stimulates participation in the “Day of Solidarity” 2020 promoted by Association Nicola Ciardelli. The event goes virtual due to the Covid-19

Publication date: 29.03.2020
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In Pisa, on Monday, April 27, the event Day of Solidarity 2020 marks a day of action to highlight the guiding values of the Italian Constitution and the significance of fundamental rights, duties and freedom in contemporary times.   The initiative is designed to inform young people about their rights especially when addressing specific themes such as civic engagement, intergenerational solidarity and cooperation.    

The Day of Solidarity 2020 has moved online due to the coronavirus outbreak. It offers a source of information and inspiration on crucial topics as social inclusion and active citizenship.  Sant’Anna School participates in the campaign to raise awareness on the possibility of students and young people to be active citizens also through its social media profile pages so as to encourage cooperation among young people and the promotion of peace, tolerance and solidarity.

Sharing images and video content, the Sant’Anna School’s social media accounts showcase the achievements and interests of students and researchers Elena Vivaldi and Camilla Moonen from the Dirpolis Institute (Law, Politics and Development) and the Life Sciences Institute who contributed to the Day of Solidarity events.


Photo Gallery: Click here to see pictures of past events