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Law Enforcement Training for Police Officers in Europe: Sant’Anna School academics participate in “Let4Cap” project final conference taking place in Bruxelles on December 5

Publication date: 03.12.2019
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The “Let4Cap” - “Law Enforcement Training for Capacity Building” project participants will gather in Bruxelles on December 5, 2019, to attend the final conference event engaging 125 trained public officials and police officers, 25 experts, 500 employees ready to address security challenges, defense policy missions and operations. Under the coordination of Sant’Anna School Professor Andrea de Guttry, the European Commission-funded (DG Migration and Internal Affairs) project “Let4Cap” partners from 28 European States and institutions have been running training courses on capacity building and legal instruments for the consolidation of governance taught by University professors and leading experts in their field.

In 2016, the DG Migration and Internal Affairs launched a network of partner training organizations including CoESPU (Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units), the Italian Police Authority Arma dei Carabinieri, the Studiare Sviluppo in-house agency of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, the CEP - Centre for European Perspective (Slovenia) and the Polish National Police Authority. Through a coordinated approach, the project aimed to enhance law enforcement training initiatives and enable officers and officials engaged in field missions to deal with transnational crime threats.

Professor Andrea de Guttry and the Sant’Anna School Dirpolis Institute researchers have planned five training courses and workshops targeting participants from Italy, Poland and Slovenia. The project contributed to the development and harmonization of a training package for police forces and the exploitation of interoperable databases to promote enhanced capacity and law enforcement in third countries according to a common European approach.

The primary beneficiaries of the project are the members of EU Law Enforcement Agencies engaged in bilateral and multilateral contexts, and the public officials involved in institution-building activities at an international level.

“The “Let4Cap” project brought together scientist from Sant’Anna School and professionals from the Comando Generale Carabinieri both with excellent expertise and reputation – said Andrea de Guttry – This event will highlight Italian officers’ experience and high skills. We can play an active role in Europe promoting conflict prevention, building local conflict management capacity, but also assisting and supporting people to address climate change impacts on food security and health”.