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Higher Education, research and technology transfer: Sant’Anna School and UIP – Industry Association Pisa signed a collaboration agreement to enhance competitive advantage. Rector Nuti: “This partnership can drive economic growth”

Publication date: 05.12.2019
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Collaboration with Pisa Industry Association (IUP) in the higher education sector through continuing education, research and technology transfer activities can stimulate economic growth and contribute to sustainable development. On Friday, November 29, Sant’Anna School Rector Sabina Nuti and Pisa Industry Association President Patrizia Alma Pacini have signed a two-year collaboration agreement that allows both parties to drive innovation in the new markets context.
Sant’Anna School researcher Luca Gori (Constitutional Law) and UIP director Carlo Frighetto will serve as the responsible project managers.

This university-industry partnership will encourage a common pathway for research and innovation through the engagement between academic faculty and industry managers sharing their skills and expertise. Industry Association members can benefit from interactions with Academia beyond the conventional exchange of research for funding. Through a combination of executive education program providing specific training and entrepreneurial teaching and managers’ experience in exploiting university strategic collaboration creating commercial products from basic research both parties can turn collaboration outcomes into university and company impacts.

 “We want to make a real difference to the society: this partnership is aimed to expand impact at local and regional levels. Sant’Anna School supports the development of capacity for knowledge exchange and value added production. We want to play a crucial role in achieving economic growth in our knowledge-based community. We want to develop third missions in addition to our traditional core missions of research and education. Continuing education programs, technology transfer activities and partnerships, including this strategic cooperation with the Pisa Industry Association, will strengthen economic competition through innovative products and technologies that benefit the market and society. This partnership will enhance our institutional reputation and ultimately, contribute to Job Placement: through Sant’Anna School - Pisa Industry Association connections our talented students will enhance their opportunities to find future employment. Additionally, we aim to conduct projects that have successful outcomes and propose solutions consistent with our management strategy and ethical considerations”.

“Our town demonstrates high quality cultural and academic performances. Sant’Anna School is ranked among the best universities worldwide for research excellence and student outcomes. As fast technological advancement is affecting the workplace, we will require skilled workers and qualified researchers – said President Patrizia Alma Pacini. We aim to improve the quality of work by promoting knowledge and connections that improve financial returns to individuals and impact on economic growth, where industry and university can establish a closer relationship in which everyone profits from the entire higher educational system”.