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Excellence for frontier education research: health minister ROBERTO SPERANZA discusses wellbeing, management and healthcare with SANT’ANNA students and scholars

Publication date: 05.12.2019
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Health Minister Roberto Speranza discussed frontier educational research for health systems, healthcare management and wellbeing of citizens ahead of a special meeting with Sant’Anna School researchers and students. Health is top of the agenda for Minister Speranza, as is the evaluation of performance management in healthcare for the Institute of Management MeS Lab. with education, clinical research at the Institute of Life Sciences and robotics research at the BioRobotics Institute being the other main issues.

Health services, education and technological development are seen as having a huge impact on well-being. Sant’Anna School’s research mission targets new opportunities to support innovative programs that have the potential to foster development and address societal challenges.

Rector Sabina Nuti said, “Our mission-oriented approach to excellence in frontier education research can contribute to better quality health and education services. State funding to public health system and public institutions is essential to safeguard the future wellbeing and social cohesion”.

Minister Roberto Speranza said, “Robotics research, Artificial Intelligence and interdisciplinary projects will add value to the development of synergies between public institutions and we need to pursue every step to secure future for our country. I wish to thank you for your hard work and commitment. I am here to support your work on health and wellbeing. I will always be by your side”.