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MILAN FOCUS LIVE EVENT, NOVEMBER 21-24, 2019: SANT’ANNA SCHOOL STANDS OUT in robotic technology with exoskeleton actuation

Publication date: 17.11.2019
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The FOCUS Live 2019 event allows visitors to interact easily with the Sant’Anna School’s robotic exoskeleton that empower humans in object manipulation by exploiting Virtual Reality tools.

Sant’Anna School stands out from the competition with a focus on assistive robotics. The FOCUS magazine Live event, taking place in Milan Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo da Vinci” on November 21-24, gives the visitors the opportunity to explore all the technology while engaging with the exoskeleton into motion commands for objects in the virtual environment.

The robotic exoskeleton (named Alex) with robotic hands called Mia and Azzurra and developed by the TeCIP Institute PERCRO Lab. researchers in the Human-Robot Interaction (under the supervision of Professor Antonio Frisoli) and the Artificial Hands Area (under the supervision of Professor Christian Cipriani  and Marco Controzzi is designed for a range of applications. As robotic telepresence technology provides mobile manipulation tools to move and interact in remote, inaccessible and dangerous environments (surgical robots, exoskeletons, prosthetics, healthcare robots or tele-operated robots for disaster and crisis response), this human-machine interactive technology will be accessible to enhance the visitor immersive experience.

In addition to the most distinguishing features of haptic interfaces developed by the Sant’Anna School PERCRO Lab. and Biorobotics Institute, Sant’Anna School climatologist professor Roberto Buizza, will give his talk on climate change-driven effects and Life Sciences Institute researcher Marco Martinelli will discuss the uses of hemp plants “Nel cuore della Canapa: i mille usi di una pianta straordinaria”.