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“before high-tide flood, conversations on climate change - PRIMA DELLA MAREA. CONVERSAZIONI QUASI ECOLOGICHE”: students of SCUOLA NORMALE and SANT’ANNA announce 4 climate action conferences from october to december 2019

Publication date: 19.11.2019
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The phrase “No man is an island” is a quote from a sermon written by John Donne in 1624. In recent days, world leaders have been told this expression by Papua New Guinea young advocate Vinzealhar-Ainjo Kwangin Nen addressing delegates at the meeting of the United Nations in New York.

These days, young people taking part in school strikes “Fridays for Future” and million protesters are calling for greater action against climate change. Students of Scuola Normale Superiore and Sant’Anna School expect to call attention to the climate crisis discussing environmental challenges, effects of climate change, economic crises and sustainable development.  

Putting the plan into action, students sponsored local initiatives against climate change on

Monday, October 21 (6.00 pm, Scuola Normale), at the conference  Fotografare le crisi climatiche, reporters Matilde Gattoni and Alessandro Grassani, present their reportage Ocean Rage and Migranti ambientali: l’ultima illusione.

Monday, November 11 (6.00 pm, Scuola Normale), at the conference Scienza del clima e problemi globali, keynote speakers are  Myles Allen (University of Oxford), Roberto Buizza (Sant’Anna School Institute of Life Sciences) and Hervé Le Treut (Institut Pierre Simon Laplace).

Friday, November 22 (4.00 pm, Sant’Anna School), at the conference Politica ed economia dei cambiamenti climatici, keynote speakers are Marzio Galeotti (University of Milano) and Francesco Lamperti (Sant’Anna School Institute of Economics) and Grammenos Mastrojeni.

Monday, December 2 (6.00 pm, Scuola Normale) at the conference Una sfida per la giustizia,   keynote speakers are Catriona McKinnon (Political Philosophy, University of Exeter) and Alberto Pirni (Political Philosophy, Sant’Anna School Dirpolis Institute).