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“Pisa welcomes talent”: Sant’Anna, Normale and the City Council take pride in talent development providing outstanding students with unique opportunities for academic study and research

Publication date: 01.09.2019
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The core mission of the “Pisa welcomes talent” program is to promote academic excellence among high-achieving students taking admission tests for Higher Education institutions Sant’Anna and Normale. The University of Pisa, local authorities, trade unions and civil society organizations have contributed to the program to enrich the experience of highly motivated students considering future academic and networking opportunities offered by Pisa universities league.

The “Pisa welcomes talent” initiatives taking place in August and September 2019 explore a wide variety of academic objectives and graduate programs appropriate to exceptional students who are interested to pursue learning to a greater degree.

The University of Pisa takes pride in providing advice and support for student enrolment and registration process at the Matricolandosi exhibition booth where new students will have the opportunity to ask questions and get information about academic goals and the Honors Program at Sant’Anna and Normale.

With access to individual advising and a variety of extra-curricular activities, prospective students are offered special price for bus and museums tickets, parking, bike sharing and accommodation. Pisa has a long tradition of providing outstanding students with unique opportunities for a collegial environment that promotes academic excellence and a shared sense of community among students. To help students make the most of their experience in Pisa and develop a broad range of skills while living in a smaller scholarly community, our town provides a rich historic and cultural heritage together with outstanding learning facilities.