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researchers of sant’anna school biorobotics istitute win the CESENALAB “IDEA BATTLE” first prize for entrepreneurial project

Publication date: 15.12.2018
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Two researchers of Sant’Anna School Biorobotics Institute won the CesenaLab “Idea Battle” first prize. Hosted by the CesenaLab Centre and Bologna University, the event gathered students and young entrepreneurs from all over Italy. The project by Selene Tognarelli and Margherita Brancadoro was selected from a pool of 74 teams that participated in the digital, web and new media sectors competition. Since the inception in 2013, companies’ participation has increased yearly thanks to the Cesena City Council partnership offering management consulting, business angels networking, investment funding, training, and legal support.

Tognarelli and Brancadoro, with the cooperation of PhD student Luigi Truppa, designed EDOMETRO, a sensorized glove for measuring the stages of labor. This medical device will help doctors evaluate the cervical dilation, position of the fetus, the fetal station, and the mother’s temperature. Professor Arianna Menciassi supervised the project which also won the GNB 2018 award and the “EuroInterim - Donna e Lavoro Start-Up” prize in 2016.

EDOMETRO will help doctors to avoid complications and to ensure baby and mother are in good health. “EDOMETRO – said Margherita Brancadoro – will not replace doctors or healthcare professionals. It is a tool to detect maternal and fetal signs and to collect data in real time whether the labor is progressing well or abnormally”.

At the CesenaLab “Idea Battle”, the teams of young entrepreneurs competed for recognition and prize to help fund their startup companies. “Our dream is to have EDOMETRO in all labor and delivery rooms”, said Brancadoro. “This medical device provides the opportunity for healthcare professionals to proactively care for patients. Our primary purpose is to start a Sant’Anna School spinoff company but we are also interested in entrepreneurship and hope to gain the attention of outside stakeholders for funding and mentorship”.

EDOMETRO obtained a patent. It is not available for purchase yet.