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INDUSTRY 4.0, PREDICTIVE analysis, ASSET maintenance, resource planning, remote monitoring and process models in smart factories. SANT'ANNA school biorobotics institute researchers announce launch of the FID-U4E Project

Publication date: 02.12.2018
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The FID-U4E (Smart Factory – Unity 4 Efficiency) project aims to develop a microservice-based cloud application combining predictive maintenance programs with asset performance trends and potential failures. Predictive maintenance can be implemented by monitoring the condition and performance of equipment using sensor technology and computerized maintenance management system software.

The two-year project FID-U4E (Smart Factory – Unity 4 Efficiency) is funded by POR FESR TOSCANA 2014-2020. Professor Paolo Dario is coordinating the consortium involving Sant’Anna School Biorobotics Institute researchers together with five partners: Diakont, responsible for the project management, CafelPhoopsRoggi and Sintecnica. The Consortium will develop a strategy to maintain manufacturing assets in Tuscany offering Industry 4.0 based digital technologies, Smart Connected Assets and Big Data analytics.

The main objective of the FID-U4E project is to combine connectivity, data infrastructure, security, and analytics - the foundation to build out a Smart Factory that will form the basis of Tuscany companies’ (technology industry, service providers, recycling and waste management industry) digital transformation. The FID-U4E (Smart Factory – Unity 4 Efficiency) project microservice-based cloud application for deep machine learning will allow computers to solve complex problems through mathematical models able to cope with huge variety of input/output data and multiple "hidden layers".

With the ultimate aim of generating better and better predictions, the open source platform supported by advanced analytical tools will enable firms of all sizes to better understand and optimize all stages of their value chains, from design to production, distribution, customer communication, and finances. This application can be deployed in the cloud and customized for a wide range of market verticals including construction, supply chain, transportation, logistics, and more, with no need of expensive and “monolithic” ERP Enterprise Resource Planning applications.