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Sant’Anna School Confucius Institute offers a view on Chinese culture and calligraphy at the Pisa Book Festival 2018

Publication date: 29.10.2018
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The Sant’Anna School Confucius Institute participates in the Pisa Book Festival for the fourth consecutive year. Chinese teachers and Italian staff members from the Confucius Institute will offer a view on Chinese calligraphy and tea ceremony as effective ways for the appreciation of traditional culture and artistic heritage. The tea masters will show their spiritual world as Chinese tea ceremony reflects the concept of inner peace of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. The art of calligraphy, which is 4,000 - 5,000 years old, especially refers to the rules of writing with a brush. All events will be held in English.

Chinese writer Chen Qiufan (陈楸帆, also known as Stanley Chan) is attending the Festival with Francesco Verso, as the curator of science fiction anthologies "Nebula" (2017) and "Sinosfera" (2018), published in Future Fiction. On November 10, Chen Qiufan will present his sci-fi “The Endless Farewell” stories (translated into Italian in 2016).

At the Festival booth P118, exhibitors will present:

November 9 – Junior – Young visitors
6.00 pm – Chinese calligraphy for children, 45 minutes

November 10-11 - Chinese Corner
11:00 am- Chinese calligraphy for adults, 45 minutes
12:00 noon - Chinese calligraphy for all ages, 45 minutes

3:00 pm - Chinese calligraphy for adults, 45 minutes
4.00 pm - Chinese calligraphy for all ages, 45 minutes

5.00 pm - Chinese Tea Ceremony for adults, 30 minutes

November 10, 3.00 pm - "Red Star over Future - the trends and tensions of Chinese Science-Fiction" by Chen Qiufan and Francesco Verso 


Cover photo: Chen Qiufan attending the Pisa Book Festival