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Sant'Anna school “spinoff Club”: 21 companies reach over 9.5 million euros turnover. current status and future prospects presented at the Festival of robotics

Publication date: 25.09.2018
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Success at Sant’anna School also means acknowledging that there are 62 spinoff companies based on academic research and generated within the fastest-growing automation technology business. The “Sant’Anna School Spinoff Club” activity presented at the Festival of Robotics and at the House of Commerce “Investor Day” in Pisa, acknowledges over 9.5 million euros turnover (in 2017) from the 21 companies enrolled in the club.

The creation of the Sant’anna School spinoff club benefits local economic development and has created new jobs in ICT, robotics, automation and healthcare sectors. Nevertheless, 30% of the companies enrolled are still considered startups.

Over the period 2015-2018, the Camlin Group has made significant investments across Italy and acquired Sant’Anna spinoff Henesis and BioCare ProviderAB Medica acquired  WinMedical  and in June 2018  Vertis SGR fund invested in the VR Media company. Three companies of the Club gained the “Large Enterprise” status because of their 6 million euros annual turnover, which represents the 60% of the Club total revenue.

The Spinoff Club companies working in ICT (31%), robotics, automation (27%) and healthcare (23%) sectors encompass fields as wide-ranging as industrial robotics and automation, home care robotics, and real time and embedded technology. According their current results and their future prospects, the integration of digital technologies and augmented reality experiences will create new ways for products and services that improve the quality of our life.

Cover Photo: the “Spinoff Club” at the “Investor Day” event