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With 'STEM' subjects, girls get in the game: from Monday, July 4, the first residential course to promote the choice to enroll in scientific degree paths, of female students of high merit. Guidance can facilitate social mobility

60 attendees in total, arriving from all over Italy to Sant'Anna School to participate in the two courses that introduce content and perspectives of the study of disciplines such as biotechnology, robotics, computer science, physics, agriculture, for a campus-lifestyle experience


Publication date: 01.07.2022
Stem! Le ragazze si mettono in gioco
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Two university guidance courses, of residential nature, to bring a total of 60 girls who have just finished their fourth year of secondary school, with excellent results, closer to "Stem" (acronym for "Science, technology, engineering, mathematics") subjects, and to encourage social mobility. Sant'Anna School is doubling down and, after the success of the pilot edition in September 2021, announces two new editions, with 30 participants each, of "STEM: le ragazze si mettono in gioco!". The first edition starts Monday, July 4, at 9:30 a.m. in the Aula Magna (Headquarters, Piazza Martiri della Libertà 33, Pisa) and ends Thursday, July 7. The second edition takes place between Monday, July 25 and Thursday, July 28. The 60 female students were selected considering their parents' educational achievements and qualifications, based on reports received from secondary schools across Italy.

During their time spent in Pisa, hosted in the facilities of the Sant'Anna School, the participants have the opportunity to exchange ideas with professors, researchers, experts, and Honour students on the challenges of tomorrow's world. For them, this is the first opportunity to meet with content and perspectives opened by the study of disciplines such as biotechnologyroboticscomputer sciencephysics and agriculture. Students will be able to interact with personalities of international scientific prominence. For the whole period of the guidance course, the female students will live the campus-lifestyle and will be accompanied by Honour students on visits to the main science and technology laboratories of Sant'Anna School. This initiative can enjoy the support of the "Talento all’Opera" foundation.  

"Increasing the presence of women in 'Stem' fields is a strategic goal to break down inequality, as well as to improve the efficiency of the National System. In this 2022, considering the approval that the first edition was received with, Sant'Anna School has doubled its commitment by promoting two courses, in the awareness that it is providing a service that is certainly useful for the future of society", emphasize Marco Fontana and Chiara Pucciariello, Professors who, with the pro-rector of Guidance Eloisa Cristiani, are responsible for this project.