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Niccolò Pagliarani is a PhD student at The BioRobotics Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna. He currently works in The Soft Mechatronics for Biorobotics lab, on different research projects. He received the MSc degree in Bionics Engineering (cum laude) from SSSA and UNIPI in October 2021, with a specialization in variable stiffness technologies for soft surgical devices.

He is currently involved in the EU-funded project SoftGrip, whose goal is the development of a self-actuating soft robotic gripper for the autonomous picking of delicate objects.

Link to the SoftGrip website:


Novel soft mechatronics technologies and solutions including actuation and variable stiffness mechanisms



12-17/12/2022-International Winter School on Smart Materials for Soft Robots-Cambridge University-UK 21-30/08/2022-International Summer School on Soft Robotics-Delft University of Technology-Netherlands