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"Verso un sistema di cura integrato per le persone fragili": scheduled for Friday, March 1, is a workshop curated by the THE (Tuscany Health Ecosystem) project at the Palazzo "La Sapienza"

Participating for the Sant'Anna School, Rector Sabina Nuti, project coordinator (Spoke 10); the Associate Professors Elena Vivaldi and Erica Palmerini

Publication date: 28.02.2024
Fragilità THE
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On Friday, March 1, at 9:30 a.m., at the Aula Magna Storica of the Palazzo "La Sapienza", the workshop "Verso un sistema di cura integrato per le persone fragili" is scheduled by the PNRR THE (Tuscany Health Ecosystem) project. Regarding the Sant'Anna School, after greetings from Rector Sabina Nuti, coordinator of the project (Spoke 10), there will follow presentations of reports by the Associate Professor Elena Vivaldi, "Fragilità e autonomia nella grammatica dei diritti fondamentali", and the Associate Professor Erica Palmerini, "Decisioni di fine-vita: forme e strumenti di una regolazione incompiuta".

To participate from remote:

The project "THE - Tuscany Health Ecosystem" is one of the 11 nationally funded innovation ecosystems for the PNRR and stems from a project proposal submitted by the University of Florence, as lead partner, in coherence with one of the strategic lines of the Tuscany Region. THE is the only ecosystem dedicated to Life Sciences, which focuses on the needs of the population. The project has received funding totaling 110 million euros from the Ministry of University and Research.

The full program of the event is attached.