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Tuscan bread DOP, a high-quality, sustainable food with excellent nutraceutical values, arrives at the Scuola Sant'Anna canteen. Press conference in Regione Toscana, Florence, to announce the start of the supply

Publication date: 15.12.2022
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The supply of Tuscan bread DOP to the canteen of the Sant’Anna School, the forerunner of the initiative, kicks off with a press conference at the Regione Toscana in Florence. Stefania Saccardi, vice-president and assessor for agrifood, who was present for the occasion, stresses the importance of using quality products with excellent nutraceutical values, such as bread from our region, in public canteens.

Tuscan bread DOP, in fact, encompasses very valuable characteristics: it is a food that does not contain salt, but is, however, rich in taste thanks to the careful choice of grains and the presence of mother yeast, it allows a long preservation in a natural way, without developing mold, and, therefore, it proves to be sustainable due to the absence of waste.

The Sant'Anna School, represented in the region by Vincenzo Lionetti, professor of Anesthesiology at the School's Health Science interdisciplinary research center, has long been carrying out activities aimed at putting healthy products back at the center with studies in the field of nutraceutics. In particular, Tuscan bread DOP is the protagonist of the project FATEPre.Sco (Epigenetically Active Ancient Tuscan Wheat for the Prevention of Heart Failure): some studies, show that there are some epigenetically active compounds, in which foods of plant origin (cereals) are rich, that have a cardioprotective action and Tuscan bread would be able to resume these qualities.

The Sant'Anna School project also relies on the collaboration of companies in the sector, such as Panificio Domenici, which was present at the press conference with the technician in charge of the consortium Piero Capecchi and Marzio Domenici.