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Training in 3D environment for firefighters for interventions in earthquake-affected places: concludes VRescue project of the Institute of Mechanical Intelligence of the Sant'Anna School, supported by the Fondazione Pisa

Presentation of results Wednesday, November 9th, at the Pisa Firehouse
Publication date: 26.10.2022
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The VRescue project "Study, design and implementation of highly immersive 3D virtual environment for training and education of fire department officers for USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) assesment intervention in earthquake-affected places" concludes with the presentation of the results scheduled for November 9th, at 3:30 p.m. at the Pisa Firehouse (Via Matteotti 1).

The project is funded by the Fondazione Pisa and implemented by the Institute of Mechanical Intelligence of the Sant'Anna School with the coordination of the Fire Department. The working group planned to create a Virtual Environments application for immersive training of USAR teams of the National Fire Department.