Technology transfer: sant’anna spin-off company Vr Media develops KIBER3 kit for workplace safety in the industrial sector and the post Covid-19 maintenance operations

In Tuscany, a novel Augmented Reality non-stop visualization wearable tool named Kiber 3 has been developed by Sant’Anna School spin-off company Vrmedia to perform 7-hour shifts maintenance remote operations in the industrial sector.

The Kiber 3 kit empowers field workforce with a wearable hardware for remote assistance based on AR technology: a head-mounted device with a unique binocular visor, an HD video camera, a performing set of headphones/microphone, a handcam for additional views with thermal imaging capacity and a 4GB local storage for use in stand-alone mode.

Kiber 3 kit is designed to increase on-site productivity and reduce human errors in the onshore and offshore work. "During and after the Covid-19 lockdowns, engineers and experts in Italy were able to remotely detect process and inspect equipment in Omani packaging industry and to perform remote technology for inspections and certification of Liberia-flagged vessels. The Kiber 3 kit includes a headset with microphone, cameras, wireless connectivity, and a long life smart battery system. Using the kit, operators in the industrial sector can experience the impact of the lockdowns and overcome the isolation”.

According to Vrmedia’s experts, Kiber "is a unique light-weight 1100 grams device that can offer 7 hours of battery life (instead of 1 or 2 hours battery life of most popular wearable devices). 4 workers have real time access and can share data, measurements, and thermal camera imaging in remote areas with poor network connectivity."

The Kiber 3 system is developed for onshore and offshore markets such as oil & gas and manufacturing sectors, construction worksites maintenance, defence industry, renewable, utility and marine industries, telecommunications and transportation services.